FAQ’s about installing a Solar Power System

When you are thinking to install solar system, these questions arise in your head automatically. As solar energy professionals here is our answers for those questions.

How big solar power system do I need to install to cover up my electricity bill.

Before answer to this question it is better we know your current usage and how much you pay to synergy bill. That way we can calculate exactly your day time usage , then we do assumption of your night usage.

Mostly it has no huge different of numbers of members at home. Or how many computers or fridges at home. Most critical power user is your Air conditions, heaters, electrical hot water systems, pool pumps and so on.

I am not paying a huge bill so Is that enough for me to install a small system.

We need to know the total amount you are paying to synergy and then we will break into daily unit basis.  Then we are considering following factors.

  • How much is your daytime usage?
  • How much will be night time usage?
  • How many unit you may be able to export?
  • Does it cover up your night usage ?
  • We will give recommendations accordingly

I have in my mind to install Hybrid (with Battery) solar systems, but I was discouraged by many of solar companies.

Yes we have heard that very much, only thing to think is there are no many ready for battery yet.  Even for installers do need to have off-grid licence and practice to do that. So, it is much easy for them to condemn it. Saying that it has no use ROI (Return of Investment)  is very long.

What our recommendation is that is the way to go. No matter how big solar system you have you still need to pay to synergy for your night usage.

Thinking of that if you increase your solar system capacity if its above 5KW you will not get any feed in tariff.  That’s how they made the system. But if you have battery installed what ever the amount of unit use during the night its from your own solar. According to that you need to size your battery, we do all for you. However if you had to use Grid power due to high usage, change your power plan to smart power, then you can get cheap electricity during off peak hours.

How you guarantee the production, it may not get what we want.

  • We guaranteed the production, the reason is we properly analyse your property. We take into consideration all the possible ways of putting panels you to get maximum output.
    • – Orientation
    • – Pitch
    • – Min & Max number of panels in the arrays
    • – Shading
  • How we do that, all the properties are design and approve by Qualified Technician. There are middle people in our company, we do direct sales, no sub contractors  our in-house teams install the systems.

Electricity bill is ranking up every year at least ones or twice, how much could I save by installing solar system.

Please provide us your current electricity usage then we will work out exactly for you. Approximately if you are paying around $200 per month, you will be able to save around 70%. Don’t forget after recent charge increases you have to pay approximately $50 service charge for two months.

When we install a system worth $3500 how long will it take to recover?

Solar is not something you are buying, it is an investment. If you are paying $200 a month all you have to pay $60. And every year electricity bill will increase by 10%. So, the money you invest for solar can be recovered in 3-4 years.