Premium Solar System Package in Perth with German Technology Panels

PREMIUM PACKAGE – is a German technology panels and you can choose your preferred inverter brand which is Fronius and SMA.

Premium Solar System Package in Perth

Premium Package
(German Technology)
Panel Brand: Hanwa Qcells
Inverter Brand: SMA/Fronius
  • 20 x 330w high efficiency Q.PEAK DUO-G5+ or G7 Solar Panels
  • 5kw Inverter
  • Savings 70% on your annual electricity bills
  • 10 years of workmanship warranty
  • Performance warranty of 25 years along with 5-10 years manufacturer’s warranty on Inverter
  • Green loan available



The Q Cells premium panel is a good choice for those who plan on staying put for the foreseeable future and also for those who live on the coast (Q Cells have the highest level of certification for salt corrosion protection – IEC 61701, severity 6). The Q Cells range are tier one panels, designed in Germany and manufactured in Asia. The following key factors set them apart even more:

  1. Q Cells have a global panel failure rate of only 0.0025%, which is extremely low. The 2014 Photon Test had them ranked as the best performing polycrystalline panel for the second year in a row.
  2. Q Cells are backed by Hanwha, a South Korean company with over $US100Bn in assets. When you are buying a product with a 25 year warranty, this is vital. Please see datasheet for Hanwha_Q_CELLS_Data_sheet_QPOWER-G5_260-280_2017-06_Rev03_AU.
  3. Q Cells take quality control to a whole new level, with more independent testing and a qr-code on every cell, not just every panel.

Please see Qcells Mono 330w G5 specs or datasheet and Qcells Mono 330w G7 specs or datasheet.

Q Cells has a 12 year product & labour warranty.


Fronius Inverter is an Austrian company, based in Pettenbach, Upper Austria. Froniusis active in the fields of welding technology, photovoltaics and battery charging technology.This is a European products with 5 + 5 years free warranty extension promo valid only until June 2018. Its single phase inverter is called Fronius Primo and for 3 phase is Fronius Symo. Got also 3 phase Hybrid for this Inverter.

Please see Fronius Symo Australia specs or datasheet.

SMA Inverter

SMA – Rank no. 1 in the world. Only German inverter available in the market. Its single phase inverter is called Sunny Boy & Sunny Tripower 3 phase. Please see Sunny+Boy+SB30-50-DEN1702-V20web for specs.

Please see specs for 8kw SMA Sunny Island and SMA-Tripower-15000TL-3-phase.

Also available PREMIUM COMMERCIAL PACKAGE up to 39kw System.


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